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Ukiah Valley Medical Center is managed locally by a team of caring people dedicated to providing professional health care services to the community in which they live. Our hospital is also a member of Adventist Health, a network of hospitals and health care organizations operating in California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington.

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275 Hospital Drive, Ukiah, CA 95482

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Main Phone Numbers
Main Number: 707.462.3111
Fax Number:  707.463.7384

E-Mail Address
Nick Bejarano:

Patient Advocate
Individuals are encouraged to contact Ukiah Valley Medical Center (UVMC) management regarding any concerns about patient care and safety in the hospital that the hospital has not addressed. We encourage you to contact the respective department director at 707.462.3111. You may also contact the following:

Janet Turner
Patient Representative


The hospital notifies the public it serves about how to contact its hospital management and the Joint Commission to report concerns about patient safety and quality of care.  Note:  Methods of notice may include, but are not limited to, distribution of information about The Joint Commission, including contact information in published materials such as brochures and/or posting this information in the hospital's website.

Direct: 707.462.3111
Fax: 707.463.7380

Automated Directory
Direct: 707.463.7555
Direct Dial Option:
Direct: 707.463.7611

Phone:  707.463.7360
Fax:  707.463.7384

Birthing Center / Childbirth Classes
Phone: 707.463.7550
Fax: 707.463.7559

Emergency Services
Phone: 707.463.7330
Fax: 707.463.7303 

Health Information Management / Medical Records
Phone: 707. 463 .7353
Fax: 707. 463.7382

HIPAA Privacy & Compliance Officer
Diane Moratti
Phone: 707. 463.7430
Fax: 707. 463.7382 
Hot Line:888.366.3833

Human Resources / Jobs
Phone: 707.463.7377
Fax: 707.462.7296

Guest Relations / Feedback
Phone: 707.463.7362
Fax: 707.463.7385

Phone: 707.463.7301
Fax: 707.463.7305

Medical Imaging
Phone: 707.463.7342
Fax: 707.463.7392

Medical Staff Office
Phone: 707.463.7361
Fax: 707.463.7384

Pavilion Surgical Services
Phone: 707.463.7333
Fax: 707.463.7339

Physical Therapy
Phone: 707.463.7346
Fax: 707.463.7569

Ukiah Valley Rural Health Clinic
Phone: 707.463.8000
Fax: 707.462.1111

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